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A group of activities which are treated as a single task in a master project schedule. Subprojects are a way of working with multiple projects that keep all the data in one file rather than in independent files.

In a dependency relationship between two tasks, the successor is the task that must await the start or completion of the other. Work Breakdown Structure codes are used to identify tasks in a hierarchy.

Many project management applications associate these codes with an outline structure. WBS codes can be used to filter the project schedule for tracking and reporting purposes. Consciously or sub consciously we all apply these skills in the daily administration of our work. Where a major undertaking has to be completed, these skills are not only brought into focus but must be applied in a much more structured format.

We must take on the jargon and techniques of the Project Manager as well as become familiar with the “Tools of the trade”. To review the skills that are relevant to project management The ability to define the Goal, Objective, Specifications and Limitations of a project. The ability to define the individual tasks in sufficient detail and sequence to meet the objective with the minimum of problems, and within the defined time scale.

Task attributes should include some or all of the following Objectives Time constraints Milestones Task s on which this Task is Dependant Estimated Duration: – Task s that are dependent on this task Optimistic estimate Itemised task Budget Pessimistic estimate Resources required completing the Task.

The ability to manage the progression of the tasks in terms of their resources, start times and finish times. The production of appropriate progress reports. As the complexities of these undertakings increase so the importance of discipline and structure increase and the Project Manager must look to the tools that can help which is where Microsoft Project comes into the picture.

Setting out the Goal and the Objectives together with the Specification and Limitations within which the undertaking must be completed. Plan The Project Planning of all the activities, resources, and estimation of materials and time scales. Some of this planning may have to be done at an appropriate level for cost estimation before the project can be agreed.

Once the decision to go ahead has been taken the skills of the Project Manager are used to define the details of the planning stage.

When this has been completed and agreed it will become the “Plan” or the base line against which progress can be measured. Implementation A leap into the void! Notes: A poorly planned project will take three times longer than the original plan. A wellplanned project will only take twice as long. A project that will be completed without changes, on time and within budget has never been known in the past and will never happen in the future.

Microsoft Project will help! Monitoring And Adjusting Recording Actual Progress Once the project is under way, the progress of each activity is recorded. This information can then be compared against the Plan and the differences highlighted.

Revising The Schedule The process of minimising the effect of problems and delays on meeting project deadlines is achieved by adjusting and updating the Schedule to meet the changed circumstances. As the project progresses and when it has been completed the process of evaluation should be used to learn the lessons for the next time. Microsoft Project – Operational Basics Microsoft Project Has The Following Capabilities: Highlights 1 million tasks per project depending on free RAM 1 million resources per project Calendar dates from to Gantt charts to show project schedules graphically on a time scale with scaling from minutes to years.

Network Diagrams to show task relationships. Outlining to group and arrange project tasks in hierarchical order. Filters to view selected information. Resource usage and Graph views and reports to quickly identify resource availability and costs. Custom fields so you can track additional information unique to your project. If time, money, or what your project accomplished were unlimited, you wouldn’t need to do project management.

Unfortunately, most projects have a specific time limit, budget, and scope. It is this combination of elements time, money, and scope that we refer to as the project triangle. These competing elements are also known as the triple constraints of a project.

Understanding the project triangle will enable you to make better choices when you must make trade-offs. For example, if you decide to adjust the project plan to: Bring in the scheduled finish date, you might end up with increased costs and a decreased scope.

Meet the project budget, the result might be a longer schedule and a decreased scope. Increase scope, your project might take more time and cost more money in the form of resources, such as workers. Changes to your plan can affect the triangle in various ways, depending on your specific circumstances and the nature of your project.

For example, in some instances, shortening your schedule might increase costs. In other instances, it might actually decrease costs. In terms of the project triangle, resources are considered a cost item. So as you adjust resources to accommodate more or less work or to reflect their availability, your costs go up or down correspondingly.

These costs are based on resource pay rates. You also may notice that as you adjust resources, your schedule changes. For example, if you have several resources over allocations and you level the project, the schedule might now include split tasks and delays that extend the finish date.

In most projects, at least one side of the triangle is “stuck,” meaning that you can’t change it. On some projects, it’s the budget. No matter what, you won’t get more money for the project.

On others, it’s the schedule;; the dates can’t change. Or it’s the scope;; there will be no change in deliverables The trick is in finding the “stuck” or fixed sides of your project’s triangle. That tells you what you can change and where you can adjust if there’s a problem.

Phrasing the problem as a statement can help you clarify which side of the triangle is in trouble. Knowing which side of your triangle can’t be changed will help you know where you can adjust. So when you begin optimizing, consider the following order of decisions. First, decide which of the three elements is fixed. This is typically the element most important to the success of your project finishing on time, on budget, or with the agreed-upon scope.

Then, determine which side your current problem occurs on. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know what elements you have to work with to get your project back on track.

If the problem side and the fixed side are the same, you have the remaining two sides of the triangle to work with. For example, if your project has to finish on time and your problem is that it’s taking too long, you can adjust resources or adjust scope to get the project back on track.

If the problem side is different from the fixed side, you’ll want to optimize by adjusting the remaining side. For example, if your project has to finish on time and it’s grown in scope, you only have the cost side to play with by, for example, by adding resources.

Know that when you adjust one side of the triangle of time, money, and scope, the other two sides are likely to be affected. They can be affected positively or negatively, depending on the nature of your project. For example, if you adjusted your plan to bring in costs, check whether your finish date is still acceptable Lead and Lag Times Edit tables by adding and removing columns Change column labels Create a table The system will allow the user to organise these tables so they can be used to maximum effect.

The content of the table is also dependent on the area of project management they are used for. There is a difference between tables for Tasks and table for Resources.

Modifying Or Editing An Existing Table The idea of changing a table structure is to make its use more appropriate to the needs in terms of what information the user needs to view. For a task table there are over one hundred possible columns from which the structure can be chosen. For Resources the number of possible columns is approximately thirty.

The following dialog box Figure will show a list of the fields that make up the table. A space will appear and the new field can be selected. The structure of the table is built up by selecting the fields in the appropriate order. We know that these useful tutorials are updated and upgraded all the time, so we are adding new courses and tutorials as soon as possible.

With this ms project tutorial you will master this important program and increase your chances for getting the job position that you have always wanted! Free tutorials ms project – PDF. Access An introduction. Size : Eclipse: Exporting a Project. Description : This tutorial shows you how to package up your project to submit for grading.

PDF file by Professor J. Tips and Tricks MS Word. TheGanttChartprovidesagraphical visualizationoftheproject. TheNetworkDiagramsprimarypurposeisto showthecriticalpathoftheproject. Thecriticalpathistheseriesoftasksthatdictates theearliestcalculatedprojectfinishdate. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Explore Ebooks. Project Management. MS Project. MS Project Manual. Rugby Fitness Training – Fitness Fundamentals.

Ms Project tutorial. S-Curve by MS Project MS Project Lab Tutorials. What is a Smart City. Management Hotel. International Material Grade Comparison Table. Size: px. Start display at page:. Download “Microsoft Project Advanced”. Sharleen Ford 6 years ago Views:.

View more. Similar documents. Microsoft Project is a software package designed help managers manage a variety More information. This guide does NOT replace training More information. To More information. European Computer Driving Licence. Syllabus Version 1. More information. Project Management Courses “A well planned project will give results exactly as planned. IT Training.

Microsoft Project. Learn how to create a project, break More information. Mastering Microsoft Project B; 3 days, Instructor-led Mastering Microsoft Project B; 3 days, Instructor-led Course Description This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills plan and manage projects using Microsoft More information.

For the most part, teams manage projects More information. Tasks can be added manually by typing them into the list Manually adding tasks put the project manager in control and is a good way to start Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to complete a specific goal.

Start your project Open Project and More information. How To Use Ms Powerbook 2. Mastering Microsoft Project Mastering Microsoft Project Duration: 2 days Course Description This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage projects using Microsoft Project More information.

Project Initiation and Revision Training Manual. Table of Contents for Engineering and Construction v. Project Management: Intermediate Microsoft Project Project Management: Intermediate Microsoft Project This document includes instructions for managing resources, updating project plans, and designing visual reports. Managing Resources in a Project More information. Select any of the featured More information.

Creating a New Project Creating a New Project Microsoft Project is a project management software program designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets, More information.

Microsoft Project is a project management application that contains a set of tools to help More information. ALL More information. Microsoft Access handout Microsoft Access handout Access is a relational database program you can use to create and manage large quantities of data. You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant More information. Assign additional More information. University of Sunderland. What project management software is, basic concepts, the tasks More information.

Create task relationships by linking tasks. Switch task scheduling from manual to automatic. Set nonworking days for the project plan. Create a milestone More information. If necessary, More information. Project Management Courses A well planned project will give results exactly as planned.

Project Management Courses Professional Development Training has a specialised division of Project Management experts that will tailor the delivery More information. Search help. More on Office. Microsoft Office If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us at support kidasa.

If you have any questions, comments, More information. You will use the More information. Microsoft Project The smart way to learn.

With Step by Step, you set the pace building and More information. Project planning with MindGenius Project planning with MindGenius This workshop looks at using MindGenius for planning and monitoring smaller projects. MindGenius is available free of charge on all University of Brighton staff and student More information. Microsoft Project Tutorial Boston University. Goals of the Unit. Project Quick Reference. The Assignment Equation. EPM Architects www. Object-Oriented Analysis.

John W. Satzinger Southwest Missouri State University. Robert B. It provides the flexibility to help manage your project, provides assistance in every phase More information. FastTrack Schedule Tutorials Manual. With FastTrack Schedule 10, the new version of the award-winning project More information. Besides More information. Executives should classify More information. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used More information.

In the Duration column of a task, enter a value, and press Enter on your keyboard Important Points: The default time unit is days, so when you enter 5, this becomes 5 More information. Aras Corporation. Notice of Rights. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in More information.

Excel and Microsoft Project. Describe More information. We can do this by re-organizing More information. It allows the user to view and manipulate More information. If you re like most project managers, you juggle several projects at the same time. You may have several smaller projects that are part of a larger effort like More information. It s just a macro enabled excel file that opens if you have Excel , , and on your Windows More information.



MS – PROJECT – Tutorial PDF | PDF | Project Management | Business.

Microsoft makes a large number of Project templates available for free download via the Web. ○ Templates within your organization. programs organize commands on a horizontal bar. Microsoft Word Step by Step eBook. In this chapter, you will learn how to: ✓ Adjust task links to have more control over how tasks are related. ✓ Apply a constraint to a task.


Microsoft project 2010 tutorial pdf free download. Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced


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Download multiple files at one time Download large files quickly and reliably Suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Yes, install Microsoft Download Manager recommended No, thanks. What happens if I don’t install a download manager? All project managemenet softwares have the facility that their files can be opened in MS Project manger or can be exported to it.

Microsoft Project Standard makes adding and managing resources both employees and material resources extremely easy, which is essential to successful project management.

With MS Project manager, you can create slots for resources and assign them to tasks as simply as entering data in a spreadsheet. More Microsoft Project Video Tutorials. Microsoft Project Full Guide. Project Risk Management Guide. MS Excel for Project Managers. NET apps. Civil Related Links. Video Training Tutorial. VICO Constructor. Civil Engg. Professional Ethics. Materials Engineering.

Engineering Economics. Technical Report Writing. Concrete Technology. Hydraulic Structures.

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