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How to download Windows 10 for free | Digital Trends.

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Before updating, please refer to the Windows release information status for known issues to confirm your device is not impacted. You can use this page to download a disc image ISO file that can be used to install or reinstall Windows If you have Office or earlier and choose to perform a clean install of Windows 10, you will need to locate your Office product key. For tips on locating your product key, check Find your Office product key or Enter the product key for your Office program.

Validating your request. This may take several minutes. Do not refresh the page or select back, doing so will cancel the request. Download Windows 10 Disc Image ISO File Before updating, please refer to the Windows release information status for known issues to confirm your device is not impacted. Before you begin Make sure you have: An internet connection internet service provider fees may apply. Sufficient data storage available on a computer, USB or external drive for the download.

System requirements. See the system requirements before installing Windows We also recommend that you visit your PC manufacturer’s website for info about updated drivers and hardware compatibility.

Language in Windows. You’ll need to choose the same language when you install Windows Edition of Windows. You should also choose the same edition of Windows.

Please see the Volume Licensing Service Center for more information. Microsoft Office products. If you just purchased a new device that includes Office , we recommend redeeming installing Office before upgrading to Windows For more information, check How to upgrade to Windows 10 on new devices that include Office Select an edition from the drop down menu.

Select edition Windows Confirm Privacy. Visit the Windows Insider site to download Insider Preview builds. Visit the Download Academic Products page for Education editions product key required. Give feedback Please select an option. Please select an option. Tell us what we can do to improve this site. Thank you for your valuable input.


You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free from Microsoft’s Accessibility Site.


Buy a copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft. Please read our guide on how to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Note that if you’re a student, or work at a large organization, you might be eligible for free or discounted Windows. Microsoft has more on that in a support page.

It turns out this is safer than it sounds because Microsoft is pretty lax about enforcing activation. We want to stress that using an unactivated version of Windows 10 is not permitted by Microsoft. Better safe than sorry. In the end, if Microsoft wanted to stop people from using these versions, they could do it. You can find third-party vendors who sell Windows 10 manufacturer keys at a bargain.

Going through these companies enables you to purchase the keys at half or even lower of the full Microsoft price. While it may sound like a scam, you can find reliable vendors who just happen to have a good price, but you need to stay on your toes.

What customers need to do is hunt for trustworthy key vendors who offer incredible bargains. Easier said than done, though. Looking for: Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies iso free download Click here to Download Microsoft still provides a free Windows 10 upgrade to anyone who checks a box saying they use assistive technologies on their computer.

Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies iso free download Microsoft has previously announced that Windows 10 Upgrade is free Feature Upgrade for consumers who use Assistive technologies. Next post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Admissions Open. Click to Download Media creation tool Follow this:. Or type Recovery in taskbar.

If you have a product key for your previous version of Windows. You have to Download Windows 7 and Install it. See How to Download and Install Windows 7. It worked seemlessly and painlessly. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. News Tips Downloads Reviews. Microsoft Office Windows 10 was released with a free upgrade offer that lasted for 1 year. Now, the free upgrade promotional period is officially over. However, you can still snag yourself a free license of Windows 10, perfectly legally, if you know how.

It is a good idea to secure your important data before proceeding with any upgrade or installation. While the free upgrade offer ended last year, Microsoft will still let you install Windows 10 and activate it using a valid Windows 7 or Windows 8.

When you download Windows 10 this way, your PC will receive a digital license valid for the life of the device, exactly the same way as if you had taken advantage of last year’s offer. First, you’ll need to find your product key. See my article ” How to recover your Windows product key ” for more information. When you’ve found your product key, head over to the Download Windows 10 website and click the Download tool now button.

When the tool finishes downloading, open it, accept the license terms, and hit Upgrade this PC now. If you prefer, you can also select Create installation media for another PC to download an.

If you choose to create installation media, make sure to download the correct version of Windows Either way, after Windows 10 installs, you can use your Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free for customers who use “assistive technologies”.

All you have to do is visit their Accessibility website and hit the “upgrade now” button. A tool will be downloaded that will help you upgrade your Windows 7 or 8. The process is the same as last year’s free upgrade process. According to the terms, anyone who uses “assistive technologies” qualifies for the upgrade. These technologies can range anywhere from magnifiers and content readers to simply using a high contrast Windows theme or mouse pointer.

Despite the terms being clearly laid out, Microsoft is not checking that whomever downloads Windows 10 this way uses assistive technologies. And despite confusion when this loophole was discovered long ago, Microsoft has not hidden or withdrawn the offer. They also have not specified when it will end. If you took advantage of the free upgrade offer, or you obtained Windows 10 using the methods in this article, you can reinstall Windows 10 on that same machine however many times you’d like without providing a product key.

This is because Windows 10 registers your hardware IDs with Microsoft’s servers, so that when you reinstall Windows, your hardware is automatically matched with the servers and activated. Windows 10 also allows you to upgrade various hardware components like RAM or storage devices without requiring reactivation.


How to get the Windows 10 Free upgrade + assistive technologies – Microsoft Community.How to Download Windows 10 for Free & Upgrade While You Still Can


Microsoft’s offer to upgrade to Windows 10 from devices running eligible copies of Windows 7 or Windows 8. The company announced previously that it won’t end the offer for customers who use assistive technologies. Microsoft did not reveal back then if and which requirements had to be met to take Microsoft up on the free upgrade offer after July 29, Today, the new Windows 10 Upgrade website for customers who use assistive technologies has been launched.

For the general public, the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on July However, if you use assistive technologies, you can still get the free upgrade offer even after the general public deadline expires as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies. Update : It appears that the process will change in the coming weeks according to Microsoft’s rep who posted on Reddit.

Microsoft asks users to only use the free upgrade offer if they have disabilities. As it stands, the company will pull the free for all page soon and require users with disabilities to contact Microsoft Support directly. Microsoft made the decision to provide the free upgrade offer to all customers who need assistive technologies. This means that anyone can click on the upgrade now button on the website to start the upgrade process.

A Windows 10 Upgrade executable file is downloaded which users on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft made it clear that it is not restricting access to specific assistive technologies.

In fact, the company is not restricting access at all. You do confirm however that you are using assistive technologies with a click on the upgrade now button. If you want Windows 10 now and are ready to take advantage of the free upgrade offer, click the button below to get started. This means that anyone, even customers who don’t use assistive technologies, can upgrade their operating system for free after July 29, Microsoft notes that it may end the extension offer at any point in time in the future, but has not decided yet whether to do so or not.

The company promises however that it will make a public announcement before the offer ends. It is likely that some customers who don’t use assistive technologies will take Microsoft up on the offer. Since there is no need to provide proof, anyone may still upgrade to Windows 10 for free for as long as the offer is up and not pulled by Microsoft. When they will remove the infamous GWX or stop pestering consumers to upgrade? Reference GWX. I checked my Windows hidden updates yesterday 29th and again today.

Yesterday, KB gwx. Today it has disappeared. I think that is part of the point. Since the upgrade is targeted at those who have assistive technologies, the GWX taskbar stuff is over but people can still can do it manually. The time limit was a lie :. Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems to be a backdoor way to allow W10 upgrades. But I think the bulk of the upgrading is already done and the rest of the migrations to W10 will be from replacement gear as older gear dies. A true nightmare. But when is this circus bound to end?

Free must be ended, finito, finished, the show is over, bye, take care. I hope too. After reading your post, I had a dream about MS enforcers making me upgrade. It woke me up and I had to leave the light on for the rest of the night in case they really did arrive :-P.

Thw Win 10 upgrade install figures must be really bad, and way below the set targets, if MS is leaving all these ways available of getting the OS free. This is going to piss off a lot of people who wasted hours of their time generating Windows 10 digital entitlements, and then having to restore their working operating systems. The deadline was just a way to pressure people into installing Windows To have their cake and eat it too, Microsoft created a loophole: pretend that their July 29th deadline was real, while at the same time allow everyone to continue to download their new revenue system.

If you buy a Retail Laptop, you get Win 10 installed. The Business sales people do not even ask for proof that you run a business. A sale is a sale. NOTE, you must ask to talk to a business sales person.

If you do not live in the UK, i imagine that there is a similar system running in major PC outlet chains. Here I can usually buy a laptop with either latest version of Windows or without OS at all, in which case when you turn it on it will show you a black screen asking you to insert a bootable media device or something like this.

There are a few with Ubuntu too although I think I saw only once or twice. Whichever may be the case, you are always — and always will be — free to format the HDD and install the OS of your choice, be it 7, 8 or Linux.

A while back, MS did say that sometime in october of this year, resellers will have to stop selling windows 7. I was looking at dell. Misleading headline. Starting now, please trawl through ghacks archives and complie the following lists: 1. All non-truth FUD articles by date and title. All articles about Win 10 which have been debunked, again by date and title. He must be working hard compiling the iists which I suggested in my last post.

So does this mean you can still do a clean install of Win10, enter a Win8 product key and have it activate? That being said: it seems rather discriminatory to offer the free upgrade only to a certain class or group of people. Win10 is a spyware as far as I know. Think Android folks. If you cut out the cost of Windows on a new PC or Laptop you may just entice folks to buy a new box instead of an Android Tablet.

They made billions doing things the way they have and MS wants in on it. The more people that use it the more money they make on the above items, the more money they make the more likely it is that the OS will go completely free from here on.

Hence the stuff it down their throats attitude to upgrade. Time will tell all answers. Yes, people largely are now choosing between Android, which is almost always outdated and may have security holes , or Windows 10 which is always being upgraded, causing a complete loss of control.

There has to be a middle ground. From the late s, Google was already well-known for making money from online ads n selling analytical data to marketers by offering free stuffs to cptr users, eg Google search, Google Maps, Chrome browser, etc.

And, straight off the bat, Google started offering Android for free to smartphone OEMs n consumers in Free OS would be a new concept to MS. Some testing of the water would be necessary. And yes I think they would double dip without hesitation till they know the model is going to work. Time will tell. I am a Linux user for my daily driver and game only on Windows.

So it nicely reverted back to Win 7. I realize the option is available during the upgrade process. I understand the ethical side of the argument.

Does this officialy make me eligible to grab a free update? Depends on the definition. If you define it broadly, anything that helps you make content more accessible to you is assistive technology. This is just microsoft excuse to make the free upgrade exists forever. Read the law :. In consequence this offer is just a disguised extension of the global offer.

Martin, what the f—k? What is this article about? You disappointed me :. I was able to use the downloader to download a copy of win 10 dvd for a clean in on my computer later today. Will see if I can active it after I format and install it it a minute or two. Any luck activating? Planning to try soon, want to know if the clean install is possible or if I need to just do the in-place upgrade.

I was really sceptical about upgrading to win10 after I forgot to upgrade on July 29th. Yesterday evening July 31st I started my upgrade to win10, finished it this morning August 1st and succeeded. A year ago Microsoft said that they would have 1 billion Windows 10 users by the end of the free upgrade campaign. They are more than a tad short of that. Pls kindly help me.

I really want to upgrade to Windows I have been having that issue since the free upgrade was available. Do not update or use win 10 Install when you have a new lwin 7 the drivers are win


Yes, you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade. Here’s how | ZDNET.

The Redmond tech giant continues to offer free Windows 10 upgrades to those who use assistive technologies on their machine – technologies like the screen. You can download Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool, install it, and activate it using your old Windows 7/ product key. Microsoft’s much-hyped free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ended ISO file After the download is complete, you’ll need to mount the ISO.

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