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It worked to me, good luck! Mike, many thanks for your suggestions. I discovered that I had Snap installed so I uninstalled it and re-installed Snap 9. I will investigate your hint re PDF Printer. Colin, I had the flashing, too. Thanks for posting. Turns out I had version 8 still installed; I thought it had been removed during installation of 9. This is a great program.

I have been using it for years. However, the new installation has two problems: 1. The little tab keeps blinking 2. When I open it, an put the cursor over the icons, they also all blink very rapidly. I have to move the cursor all the way to the left, and then they stop blinking. I am using Win I’ve been using Ashampoo products for years and their products are great. There can be 3 versions of Ashampoo apps as well — the current, full version; a limited free but current version, sometimes only available as special giveaways; the prior, often full, version, available as special giveaways.

Ashampoo’s Snap belongs in the 2nd, probably coming closest to rivaling the much more expensive Camtasia. One of those settings lets you choose your video capture codec, which is why I buy Snap frankly. The codec you use determines how captured video is stored [its format], the quality of the video that’s stored, the amount of processing required to encode that video, and how fast it’s written to the hard drive. For a tutorial or presentation OTOH you might use a lossless, preferably all full frame codec, because that video will be much better suited to editing.

Running Windows 7 I tried snap 9 but it didn’t work for me. The tool bar at the top of the screen the floating toolbar? Despite several installs the problem still persisted so I ended up uninstalling it. Unfortunately, I had uninstalled Snap 8 A previous giveaway so I lost it too as it’s not possible to re-install.

However, one thing I was able to establish was that the scrolling function does not handle large scale vertical and horizontal scrolling where part of an image was off screen vertically and horizontally.

The scrolling function only includes vertical scrolling. Snagit does handle vertical and horizontal scrolling but it is pricey. Unfortunately, the developer, Techsmith, never offers a giveaway version. Colin, Don’t have a clue about the flashing toolbar [graphics driver related? I think several, e. I’m a little confused. I downloaded the registered version and notices its an old version. Shouldn’t we all be getting the latest version, especially given all those security flaws from last year.

I’m going to shampoo that old version right out of my hair and get the version. Thanks so much for making a free software available. I’m an adjunct professor with three kids and two in college. Nuff said, I’m “po” and those tax cuts are not going to help me a bit. Your service, however, does. John S, not being funny but have you read the page you link to? Same goes for Snap 10 and Snap , now whether Snap has any better features or even less features than Snap 9 is anyones guess! I’m certainly not going to waste my time and effort comparing them.

I always install Snap, I even upgraded a couple of times. A great tool, I use it all the time. The editing options are great.

Highly recommended. One point though – till now I had Snap 7 – I am not sure that there are many new features in this one. Are there enough changes to warrant replacing Snap 8? Hopefully it will help answer your question. I have Snap 8 too, and am also debating whether to upgrade ;-.

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Ashampoo, I have many of your products. This installs quickly and works just fine on Win Contrary to others I love Ashampoo Snap because of its built-in output features not only to various drives but formats as well. So the free upgrade given away today is most welcome, especially as the download comes without wrapper. Much appreciated, thank you dear Giveaway Team and Ashampoo.

I have Snap7. The description of the newer version doesn’t mention “user friendly”. I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use. With GreenShot you press Print-Screen, get a user defined drag box and it exports a nice high res image to one of many programs you choose in advance or on the fly. Easy Peasy. There is also a way to have the image sent to one of your programs that’s not in the list. I don’t feel you should need to go to night school to learn to use any program.

Ashampoo should give that point some serious thought. Frank Russo, “I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use But like most types of software, capture apps can vary quite a bit, often depending on what the software’s designed to accomplish.

Snap packs in quite a few features that, no matter how the GUI is designed, will by necessity make it a little bit harder to learn to use. Greenshot by comparison does not have tons of features, so it can be kept simple. There’s always something to be said for not paying for stuff you don’t use, whether the extra amount you pay is in time to learn or money.

Is there a detailed user manual that I can download as pdf? I have earlier Snaps but never use them because they are complicated and I cannot find good instruction videos.

Greenshot foss good generic , Monosnap one of the best with desktop screen recording , Mr. Shot great for freehand drawing your capture area , Bug Shooting Many Options – Free for personal use, CaptureIt Plus basic with some features like capture circle rectangle active window time delay , iWeSoft Screenshot Capture has webcam capture and some cool tools , just a quick list and more like pic pick is a good one.

I take a screenshot maybe once a year like most people I am not going to go out on limb and pay IceTheNet, ” I take a screenshot maybe once a year like most people I am not going to go out on limb and pay I would disagree however with you calling this a “free trial offer”, since if you install the GOTD today, it’s yours. Can this be used as a “portable” version on Win 7 Pro bit? In my office, I cannot install new programs but can use “portable” versions.

Will this work on XP? From my notes from an earlier giveaway, v7 is the last version to run on XP. The installer aborts and throws an alert if you try and install it under Vista, sorry did not check how the installaer behaves under XP it could either do the same or report it’s not a valid win32 application. End result will be the same. I have Ashampoo Snap 8 from an older promotion, and I almost always end up using one of the two other tools I have zeroed in : either Windows 7 own Snip Tool, which is minimal but very often sufficient, or Pic Pick, which has a better resolution, can pick up smaller icons, and has a great editor.

Snip Tool has a great feature most other sophisticated programs do not have : the ability to automatically add a border, without having to open the clip in an editor. If you routinely clip portions of the screen, this is required.

Ashampoo Snap is bloated, takes up the whole screen, and when I’ve tried to use the more advanced features capture a whole Web page, for instance , they have often failed. There’s no problem trying it however, any other that you will be bombarded with nag screens and promotional emails.

This is standard Ashampoo policy, and the price to pay for their generous and regular offers of free or deeply discounted programs. For what it’s worth, Ashampoo Snap 10 is available for I always install Ashampoo Snap when it is featured here.

But ironically i never use it! I just ask myself why i use Windows built-in Snipping Tool instead of Snap and it seems that Snap is too much for my daily use. I need screenshots almost everyday but Snipping Tool is easy and less cluttered. Besides, Snap works always on background and i don’t like it. So this time i skip installing it. I use it. I have never heard of Snipping Tool. I find the most useful: Gadwin PrintScreen free. Very handy.

I use it daily several times. Hope, I have and use only XP and below. Thanks all the same, you ave explained it. Have done since I discovered it years ago. I’ve had trial versions of two Snap editions – never been able to work out how to use them though.

Snipping Tool is quick and easy, and just sits there waiting to be used when needed. In Win 10 you’ll find it under Windows Accessories. Sound Recording with the screen capturing video is getting distorted after few seconds. Please look into it. My Lap top Window V P SINGH, There’s an awful lot that could be going wrong, but the 1st 2 things I’d check myself would be to see what’s going on in task mgr before attempting video recording — if your laptop is already using lots or all of its resources doing something else, there won’t be enough left to manage recording — and 2nd, try a smaller capture window, which should require less hardware resources — your laptop may not be powerful enough, or the hard drive might be too slow etc.

This is an older version. At their website there is version Thats kind of the idea with this site – give away an older version for free, with a discount to the latest version.

Loved it so much bought the program! I use it for screen captures all the time and to make instructional videos. Great product.

Ashampoo are quirky Germans, but their programs do work as promised. I’m a software trainer, and this program is my go-to for screen shots. I’m using an older version, so some the below may not apply to this newer version. Pros: hotkeys for shortcuts An easy blur pen – critical for me to block out personal information For a while, it could grab drop down menus from windows.

In most other programs I’ve tried the window closes once you ‘invoke’ the screen cap program. Has an option to include or exclude the mouse when taking the picture The mouse can be moved or removed even after the picture is taken. But not after you save it to disc as a file.

Customer service for my paid version has been pretty responsive. They can’t always do anything, lol The capture window can be resized once you set it and before you take the cap. Cons: The graphics that can be added to the pic directly after taking it are large and bulky, and kinda hard to navigate.

The red circles and squares, arrows, etc. The graphics options are a little quirky and hard to understand. How change the colors, add or remove types of circles, boxes, etc. If you ctrl-c the pic once you take it, Snap still saves a copy of it in it’s folder. These can pile up and sometimes cause hassles when you want to open a pic to edit. It’s no longer capturing drop down menus as often as it used to.

I’m having to used the ‘timed capture’ more often. Occasionally the icon doesn’t won’t show up in the task menu, bottom right. I have to force close the program and restart to get access to it. Capture options are available there, so when I need something other than a straight capture I have to use it. Mids ‘middles’ : It has a lot of options for: Taking different kinds of caps – Windows ‘window’, whole desktop, etc.

Different effects: highlight, spotlight, etc. This is snap 9. Snap 10 appears in to-day’s download basket!!! Zen, What exactly is the download basket? I took a look, the help balloon on mouse-over said “Download Ashampoo 10 for free”, so I did. But it’s not free, it’s just a trial, just like I could get from Ashampoo’s site. Peter Blaise, Well, thanks for the info. Free to download?!

Who charges to download?! Many software vendors only permit PAID downloads, no trials. I like and recommend Ashampoo Snap because it lets you choose which codec to use when recording video.

The codec [COmpressor DECompressor] is the encoding software that compresses the video so you can store it on whatever drive — without compression your device can’t write the video file fast enough, and you’d soon run out of storage space.

Most screen capture or recording apps make you use whatever codec the developer includes, and that’s not usually the highest quality codec, let alone the one that you might prefer. Being able to choose which codec to use lets you make a choice based on your hardware’s capabilities and your requirements for the video. Installed without issue, liked the UI, and so far the tested functions. Seems ok, I like the OCR optical character recognition capabilities to pull text from images, not highly accurate, requires much editing after capture, but somewhat useful nonetheless.

And there is scanner software that does OCR on image files. Interesting tool, we’ll see if I ever use it twice, compared to other programs with which I am already familiar. Might I recommend two additions to your internet area? I can recommend both of these programs. WF is free and a based on Firefox.

Both of these are very good software IMHO. Thanks for all you do. Over the years I have found excellent software and games on your site that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. I am grateful. You all do a very good job. LadyLei, why are you talking to GOD in these comments? Thank you Ashampo, I love your software.

And thank you GOTD as well! This is one great program. I’ve been using it for years. The paid version is much cheaper than other screenshot editors and this has all the features I could ever want. Definitely a keeper. To those that asked – yes, it can do video capture and sound recording. I tested the video capture on the game I happened to be playing at the time. I was not happy with the quality of the video capture. I’m not sure if you can set it to record at higher quality somewhere, I couldn’t offhand find it.

I also didn’t like that the interface opened across the recording area and then was of course recorded as well – I could move it off but then half the interface disappeared in the process. At the end it does give you options for editing that I haven’t seen before – but since the quality of the video was unusable to me, the editing tools became redundant.

I did not test the static screenshot functions as I don’t need those. Kermit, I’m not sure that Snap is the best choice for game recording — there are several apps optimized just for that, along with add-on devices or cards so you don’t use resources best spent gaming. That said, you can choose to display the menu bar or not, and you can choose the codec used, so you can get higher quality encoding. The codec itself normally gives you a GUI of some sort to set the quality level.

Have you discovered any Version 9 tool that makes both necessary? The night shift blurred my brain. I apologize for stating that this version doesn’t have an OCR function. And thank you to you, Peter Blaise for your very helpful comment.

Much appreciated. Regards, consuella. FireShot addon for Chrome and Firefox is very good, plenty of features, and free. Is this the same as the Ashampoo Snap 9 offered before which I have? Looks very impressive, but like Clairvaux below, I’ve never been able to figure out how to use it. Are there any nice-and-slow YouTube demonstrations?

The deficiencies in screen capture utilities shows up when there are both horizonal and vertical scroll bars ie part of the image is off screen in both directions. Most only cater for instances where the image is off-screen vertically and can’t handle where it is both directions.

Snagit probably is the best performer but unfortunately it is not free. A free version has been offered online but Techsmith has confirmed that it is illegitimate.

Sadly Snap 9 like most others failed to cut the mustard with me. I was quite disappointed because I like Ashampoo products and generally find them sound and worthwhile. You can always opt out of their pushed promotions if that gets up your nose.

Does this program also record the audio component of screen activity, or only the image? I couldn’t see an answer on the ashampoo product page, unless it is obvious.

With this PC I can choose the soudcard’s output [What U Hear] as the input for recording, or I can choose the built in audio’s Stereo Mix [though I had to go into the Properties using the Sound Control Panel to enable it] — which one I’d choose depends on which device, sound card or built in audio, I set as default for playback. With those settings Snap can record audio. In those cases you might find a fix or work-a-round by Googling, or you can use a virtual audio driver — those drivers are also included in some capture apps.

When I installed Snap it didn’t install a virtual driver, or offer to install one. I’ll try this new version of Ashampoo Snap, once more. Up to now, I’ve never been able to find one that worked intuitively as advertised. I kept downloading more and more offers for free Ashampoo Snap’s versions, here and there, but I never got to use it regularly. Right now, my favorite screen grabber is Pic Pick free version. It does much less than Ashampoo Snap on paper, but it does it very well.

In theory, Ashampoo is much more powerful, but I’ve never found how to use the extra features that do interest me : save a screenshot of a whole web page, including the invisible parts, or make a screenshot of a drop-down menu. Never mind video grabbing. Also, the interface purports to be easy, but in reality it’s overwhelming.

I confirm : stupid interface. Starting from the System Tray, I need to look in the middle of a huge list of features to find the command I want, Capture Region. It should be very near the top. It certainly should not come after Capture Scrolling, which is an advanced feature.

Then I can’t activate this right away, because there’s a cascading menu offering me other options, that I will never use. Apart from the most obvious : Capture Free Rectangle Region what complicated language! That’s 4 clicks, just to activate that very basic screen grab.

The other options, I don’t even understand what they do. What’s a Custom Region? How is Custom different from Free? Now, OK, I drag the friggin’ “region” I need to snap. The “region” is isolated in a dark background. And then? What do I do? No hints. No indications. I right-click on the “region”. The “region” disappears. I have to start all over again. This time, I correctly guess I have to click on the “region”. Can’t you write on the blasted screen : click to copy, or something like that?

Most other screen grabbers do that. Now, the screenshot opens in the editor. What am I supposed to do? There are a hundred icons all around, none of them intuitive. I want to draw a border around my screen grab, because, you know, it’s white. Absolutely basic requirement. I click on the Apply Border icon. It doesn’t apply a border. It opens a menu, with bizarre options I can’t understand. OK, suppose I keep the defaults. How do I get out of this? How do I “apply border”? There’s one button, and it says “Close”.

I don’t want to close, I want to apply border. So I close, because that’s the only way out. There’s no way to know whether the border has, indeed, been applied. Now I want to do something very complex, you see, and paste this screen grab in a document of mine. So I right-click on the image, and fortunately, there’s a Copy to clipboard option there.

But if I point on other parts of the screen grab, there is another context menu, without Copy, but with totally obscure commands. Then what am I supposed to do? This friggin’ editor window is occupying the whole screen. I can’t minimise it or toss it to the side.

There’s no standard Windows buttons on the top right of the windows, because I suppose you’re smarter than everybody. So I try to close it by clicking on the huge red x. Now you’re asking me whether I want to save all changes or discard all changes in opened files. I don’t know. What opened files?

I didn’t open any files. Why are you interfering with my work? For the time being, I just want to paste the bloody screenshot in a bloody document to make sure I got it right, and make sure you put the bloody border around it.

So I click either of the two buttons, Yes or No, and I don’t see any difference in what happens next. Then finally, I can paste the screenshot in my document, and


Ashampoo snap 9 speicherort free


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