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In this post, top 8 password cracking tools are offered to you. March Show how much the Force has shaped you by displaying this custom artwork depicting a variety of characters from a galaxy far, far away. These are great if you want to change up your background to have a slightly different look than the standard Windows 10 theme.


[Full Guide] Best Windows 10 Themes: Download, Install, and Use


Take a trip to the Botanical Garden with these 7 beautiful images of flowers and surrounding wildlife. Download Botanical Garden Theme opens in new tab. This theme gives you 10 adorable puppies yes, they will always be puppies in colorful summer settings. You cannot deny puppies as one of the best Windows 10 themes.

Download Dogs in Summer Theme opens in new tab. With this theme, embrace 15 vivid images of wildlife around the globe, from frozen tundras to clear blue oceans. Download Wild Beauty Theme opens in new tab. Does it feel too much like summer already? Download Spring Blooms Theme opens in new tab.

Dive into the cosmos with these 14 beautifully intense images featured in the NASA Spacescapes theme. Trippy, disturbing and downright cool. These 19 images showcase creative illusions that will mess with your mind. Download Illusions Theme opens in new tab. This theme contains 11 closeup images of water drops in vibrant natural environments. Download Waterdrops Theme opens in new tab. Your jaw will drop for these 17 photorealistic images of sports cars in Forza Motorsport 4.

Download Forza Motorsport 4 Theme opens in new tab. Download Year of the Dragon Theme opens in new tab. Easy, just put it on your desktop with 12 rich images of the Caribbean Shores. Download Caribbean Shores Theme opens in new tab. Download Germany: Mountains to Sea Theme opens in new tab. With these 15 scenic photos of Salt Lakes and the Dead Sea, you can take in all the salt you need without the risk of high blood pressure. Push your external displays to their maximum potential with these 13 breathtaking panoramic images of penguins, bears, cheetahs and more.

Download Animal Panoramics Theme opens in new tab. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. Kakegurui — Compulsive Gambler. Log Horizon. Death the Kid. Ken Kaneki. Enen No Shouboutai Fire Force. Pokemon Gen V. View All. Anthem Two. Minim VS. What is Windows Themes? How to Download Windows Themes? Starry Sky. Hanzo Overwatch. Among Us. Mettaton NEO. NBA 2K Borderlands 3. Explore themes in the Microsoft Store. You can use the Windows Settings app to easily switch between multiple languages.

Get local experience packs. Use these free downloads to view the Windows interface, menus, help topics, and dialog boxes in the language of your choice. After you’ve added another language, you can easily switch back and forth.

Get language packs. Desktop backgrounds can only be used as Start screen images in Windows 8. Windows 11 Windows 10 More Windows themes A theme is a combination of pictures, colors, and sounds that help you personalize your PC. See all themes Explore themes in the Microsoft Store. Need more help? Was this information helpful?


34 Wallpapers & Themes for Your Desktop | The Jotform Blog – Download Free Windows 10 Wallpapers

The Northern Lights have been a classic choice for wallpapers since the early days of changing backgrounds on PCs. The Northern Lights Microsoft. Here are 15 best windows 10 themes and skins, MAC OS, HD theme, with audio and sound, Anime, Dark, Lite, minimalistic Windows theme. Theme for Windows is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds. Windows includes a set of personalization features like.

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