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The reason why I switched to mathcad from Matlab is that: it is easier to make. Mathcad 15 still has a number of capabilities that Prime even 6 has not yet achieved. Which one would you recommend me to use, or do you think I should avoid mathcad altogether and go back to Matlab? If you are just starting out, I suggest that you keep fluent in MatLab–that software is very powerful and pervasive.

The rate of development of Prime has been very disappointing; PTC’s intent seems to be to attach Mathcad to their 3D design programs as a calculator. It seems that prime 6 is more user friendly in terms of editing equations and defining functions. You are confusing editor changes with capability. There have been several major changes in editors in Mathcad’s history and each one was painful.

In Mathcad 15, a subscript is achieved with a simple period, Prime requires “cntrl -“. Any change must be adapted to. I agree that the Prime editor will probably outlast the older one. If you move to Prime 7 and discard 15, your best hope should be that the new, embedded conversion actually works, or a lot of good engineering math will be lost. This is disappointing to hear. Its a shame that mathcad has gone downhill since m, it could have really become a world beater if PTC continued to work and develop the mathcad However, this is has not happened.

Let’s hope prime 7 can improve upon prime 6. Maybe you can tell me why mathcad prime versions are not up to m standard? I have ‘matlab’ also installed in my computer becuz my university has purchased it for all us students. I will keep working on it as per your advice. I normally use mathcad 15 m and then convert it to prime 6 if required.

For homework purposes I would save the Mathcad file as rich text format and submit it. My university teacher was using mathcad 15 before, like his lectures slides all have mathcad 15 sometimes octave but now he is also telling us to use Matlab.

So you are right, matlab is gaining popularity and with frequent updates to sort out any bugs. Its a shame that mathcad has gone downhill since m It didn’t go downhill; it fell off a cliff! Prime 1 was horrible, virtually unusable. Prime 2 wasn’t much better, Prime 3 was finally good enough that useful work could be done. Prime 4 was better yet. Prime 5 I think introduced an absolutely atrocious add-in rather than improving the built-in plotting functions. Prime 6 introduced a new symbolic engine that is challenged to do as well as the very old version of MuPad that needed to be licensed from the owners of MatLab.

PTC has been slowly addressing the performance gaps with questionable improvement. Version 7 has according to PTC press releases :.

How far up the cliff has PTC climbed? I have a problem in answering this question. I like Mathcad very much but its a dead end. Soon you will not be able to buy a subscribtion for MC15 and there will be no support whatsoever. If you don’t have a perpetual license for MC15 this sure forbids beginning to use MC On the other hand I cannot in good conscience recommend to use Prime.

The current state of this program and PTCs way of “developing” this program do not allow a recommendation in my opinion. MatLab sure is a good choice as its very capable, provides much more functionality and is kind of a standard for engineering calculations. It also provides a symbolic engine – its a more modern version of the engine built in Mathcad 15 and Prime up to version 6 muPad and its owned and supported by Mathworks.

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Mathcad: Math Software for Engineering Calculations | Mathcad.


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