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However, Clarinda took it too seriously, and when Steven had enough and wanted to end things between them, she refused to let him go, and it was finally too much for Steven, who killed Clarinda to finally get her off his back for good.


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CSI: Deadly Intent. Walkthrough by MaGtRo November Gameplay : This is a first person point and click нажмите для деталей. The Main Menu страница new game, continue, options, credits and quit.

A new case becomes available when a previous one is completed. At this point, the new game selection can be used to replay the old case or start the next case. The options menu has the audio-video selections, tutorial mode, subtitle settings and hint читать далее. During gameplay, the main menu is accessed by opening the PDA, select options and choose main menu.

The selections on the PDA are evidence, case file, locations and options. It is strongly recommended to read the manual that is in the installed game folder.

Learn how to investigate crime scenes and collect evidence. Case 1: Broken Hearted. A bride lying on the bed has a piece of glass on her neck. James Brass leaves the crime scene.

Crime Scene – Aurelia’s Fantasy Suites:. Talk to Nick Stokes completely. Get a CD of the call. Check the hot tub in the corner. Body : Look close at body. Use swab on her body or pool of blood to get the victim’s blood. Carpet : Look revit 2018 crack download at the light part of the carpet right of the bed. Use the LCV fluids bottle on carpet. A swab is used on the blood from carpet. Bar : Pan right and look close on the floor at left end of the bar to see white powder.

Use bottle to collect evidence. Bed : See a vibrator controller left side of the bed. Dresser : Look close on the floor left side of the dresser and csi deadly intent pc game of the bathroom door. Take the piece of glass that matches the one on the bride’s neck. Sofa : Pan left csi deadly intent pc game look close at the right cushion of the sofa.

Automatically the cushion is turned over. Use swab to collect s ofa blood evidence. Bathroom : Enter the bathroom. Right sink : Look close at right sink. Use luminol on sink and get sink evidence. Check-open the right cabinet under the right sink. You can check the cupid shower head if you want. Nothing there. Interrogate the witness : Pan right and talk to the witness completely. His name is Charles Steer.

He looked in the room at check out time – around A Mexican man checked in the room. Ask who cleaned the carpet. Morgue : Open the PDA. Select больше на странице and then morgue. Talk to Doc Al Robbins at the morgue completely. The victim is inebriated and took cocaine. The murder was at 3AM. The COD is a heart shaped item. The second shard from victim’s neck is given.

The fingerprints ten card is given. Examine the victim’s mouth. Get the victim’s removable dental work that has a number. Aurelia’s Fantasy Suites:. Go back to the crime scene. Look close at the vibrator controller left of the bed. Flip the switch. Pick up the piece of broken glass that dropped from the bed. Lab : The lab is separated with the Data lab info processing on the left and Materials lab on the right.

Materials lab: Enter the Materials Lab on the right. Analyzer: Look close at the machine at left. Chemical Analysis:. White powder : Csi deadly intent pc game Chemical analysis, evidence and white powder from crime scene. Click on search button at top right. See the comparison of the working and reference spectrums.

Click to select the spectrums on the right that match the csi deadly intent pc game of the evidence. Click top to bottom : 1, 4 and 7. Click confirm match. It is carpet cleaner. Select the sample to be tested. Click ‘search button at right. The victim is not in the system.

Select another sample from Evidence. Blood from couch cushion : See the DNA from couch on left screen. Click Evidence at right and select Victim’s blood for comparison. Csi deadly intent pc game match. Pull back. It might be the perpetrator’s blood. Blood found in sink: See the DNA csi deadly intent pc game sink on left screen. Select the top right strand of the sink’s blood csi deadly intent pc game overlay it on csi deadly intent pc game first column of the victim’s blood.

Match all the strands. Move the sample strands up down on the column on the right to match it. Click on Confirm Match after all the 4 strands are overlaid on the right side. Match found. Blood from carpet: See the DNA from carpet on left screen. Pull back and Nick says that it might be left by previous guest.

Comparison machine : Pan right to right wall and look close at machine. Microscope : Select microscope and then the victim’s removable dental work. Click-hold the sample at the center until you see the number ID of the dental work. Select the correct zoom at top left – x Use the slider click-hold-move on the left of the circle until it is in focus. Assembly table: Click to look close at the table at center of room.

It is used to assemble pieces of evidence. See the glass pieces-shards taken from crime scene. Match the 3 pieces we have so far. Rotate the pieces. Data Lab : Exit the materials lab and go across the hallway to the data lab. Audio-video analysis: Look close at the monitor on left wall. Select audio. Click on evidence and select the call.


Csi deadly intent pc game.Download CSI: Deadly Intent for free PC game

Your partner in this case is Riley Adams. Most relevant reviews. This murder was staged like a serial killer from

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